Client: N/A

Focus: Structure, Creative Direction, Engineering, Illustrations, Sustainability, Photography, Brand Identity

Lumi is a unique lightbulb brand inspired by fireflies. It seeks to redesign the traditional single use lightbulb package with a focus on protection and sustainability. Most lightbulb packages are flimsy and discarded after purchase, whereas Lumi offers a second life by turning into a lampshade.

The internal packaging structure is designed to keep the bulb secure preventing any movement which could result in the bulb breaking. It is composed of two separate pieces which work together to keep the bulb in the correct positioning to interact successfully with the external cut out design. The larger piece not only serves as protection but also can be used as a lampshade. Inspired by the tradition of catching fireflies in jars, the lampshade panel is full of small fireflies and circular punch outs. These openings allow light to pass through, projecting a design on the surrounding walls.

Seeing that the core concept of Lumi is built around fireflies, it is only fitting that the brand name also reflects that. Fireflies produce a chemical reaction inside their bodies which allows them to glow. This process is called bioluminescence and is the meaning behind the brand. The brand name Lumi is derived from the word bioluminescence and the French word for light, lumière. The external package design also stays true to the firefly theme. It makes use of the fireflies lower abdomen as a cut out, allowing the consumer to see the lightbulb. The external design is both in French and English and includes all the required information such as brightness, watts, efficiency, warning labels, and life expectancy.

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